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Ninth Title in the Series of Books on World Class Universities or Institutes

Private Self-Financed Institutes are responsible for India’s spectacular growth in Higher Education Sector. Unfortunately, these institutes are based on defective and failure Business Model and now this model has become…

Recipe for Disaster

Defective & Failure Business Model of Private Self-Financed Education Institutes

(ISBN 16: 978-93-5213-449-6, 404 pages, 342 References, Date of Release: 28 Sept 2016)

Once popular Model is Collapsing 
Hampering Quality of Higher Education
Total 61% colleges in India are self-financed
Controlling 80% of Professional Education of India
It’s question of career of 15 million students of India
Urgent need to strengthen capability of revenue generation
Non-Functioning, Not Sustainable & Failure Business Model
Urgent need to address the problems of self-financed institutes
Don’t blame BOG, it’s a fault of “Self-Financed Business Model”
Don’t over focus the Government and Government Aided institutes
Need separate National Education Policies for School & Higher Education
Model Provides wide scope for corrupt practices and financial irregularities
Total Failure of Government machinery to control over expansion of institutes
Clash of “Not-For-Profit Clause” & “Faulty Model” gave birth to several problems
Case of multiple infections & need differential diagnosis approach to find cure
More complex problem than “Nationalization of Banks” or “GST Bill”
Total Failure of Government to introduce mandatory accreditation
Can’t address issues without political will

The current policy reform directions are seriously limited by the government’s political approach of using control and bureaucracy as a way of assuring quality rather than using transparency for empowering students and fostering competition.

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